to take the risk and enter a new stage of life ?




Posted on 16 August, 2014

Why we fight to get on loving I’ve been wondering
How your mind will leave you hanging your heart lingering
STAY LOST Then found by whoever stays around forgetting
There is a way to be yourself, I assure you this
There’s a way to catch your dreams without falling asleep
You might as well get it while you can,

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Posted on 16 August, 2014
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galleries hopping day 030814

From Nathan Beard: Obitus @ Moanna Gallery, to What I See When I Look Sound (awesome) & Pica Salon @ PICA, to Natural Selection: Simon Pynt @ The Hive.
















Posted on 3 August, 2014


it works now. silver lining 


Posted on 17 July, 2014


Alright, I admit it, today was a tough day. Even Tom Dixon can’t help me. 





Posted on 17 July, 2014

day off

day off. boo to all day study. the plus side: I got freshly prepared homemade lunch; hour long post lunch nap AND played with Tiger during study breaks




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Posted on 3 April, 2014

time flies

I am finding it hard to balance work, work, work, uni, work, work, work.  and all of sudden it’s APRIL! time is ticking ! oh, Easter ! Bring on the hot x bun and chocies ! Lazy bum Tiger is becoming less fearful to the size and sound of my dslr. time to introduce the flash 


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Posted on 1 April, 2014

Tiger, an update

This is Tiger my circa three years old Shiba inu that I adopted 4 months ago. He is not perfect.  He is antisocial with dogs and human, he likes to nib people when he gets too excited, and he can be aloof from time to time.  But I love him, and in the four months we had him Tiger has showed us his endless capacity to love.  He may never change, but when there’s love what else can I ask for ?





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Posted on 30 March, 2014