My choice of lunch eat out 9/10 is cafe food despite of my (very) Asian upbringing.  A salad or a panini is always more appealing than bowl of Pho, Laksa or rice.  The other day I had massive craving for rice for lunch.  Just something small something light something hmm Japanese.  Back in the old days as uni Students we used to love this little Japanese place called Fuji Sushi Station in Victoria Park.  They serve the  most delicious Japanese at very affordable price.  Sadly that place closed silently one day.  From time to time I still crave for Fuji food.  Maybe not just the food, but the memories of uni lunchies and endless catch up.  

Anyhow, last year I discovered a little Japanese restaurant tucked away in the quiet street of Shenton Park - Kiri.  Been there for dinner once or twice.  Although it’s pricier than the old Fuji but the food somehow reminded me of them. Nothing fancy like all these modern Jap sushi ‘tapa’ style places that populated the street of perth in the last few years.  Just simple traditional Japanese.

Considering it’s Monday they were quite busy.  The little restaurant was almost full and with people constantly coming in for take-away.  Most of these customers were people working in nearby hospitals.  We ordered a combination Tempura rice and teriyaki (Chicken and tofu) rice.  The sticky sweetness of the teriyaki sauce with the rice satisfied my rice craving perfectly.  While the tempura was crunchy and light.  I usually avoid dessert for lunch but I noticed they have Japanese Souffle cheese cake and orange jelly (set in orange peel!) in the fridge.  I was going to give in and treat myself to one of those luscious looking orange jelly.  Sadly (and luckily) a lady came in while I was enjoying my teriyaki chicken and swept all 4 orange jellies.  well I will save the calorie for next time.

 Kiri Japanese

142 Onslow Road

Shenton Park WA

Mon: Sat lunch and dinner varies

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Posted on 21 August, 2012